Online Breath, yin & fascia therapy day training


Date: 25 June from 10.00 – 13.00 CET online via zoom

Fascia is an important part of the body that is increasingly coming to the fore. Fascia holds the whole body together.

Previously it was often thought that emotional stagnations arose in the muscles, this turns out to be different. The fascia, the pack in which our organs, muscles, joints and bones are held together, is where chronic pain arises and is held. Not just because of emotional stagnations. But also trauma, injuries, operations and scars create a lot of imbalance in the body. This is because unhealthy fascia is thickened, stiff and causes the physical system to adapt. In the end, this creates even more blockages in the body. This again expresses itself emotionally and so the circle is complete and you keep turning in the vicious circle.

We can solve these complaints with specific massage techniques, yoga postures and breathing exercises. The solution is closer to ourselves than we think.

We use fascia balls for this. This allows us to resolve emotional and physical stagnations. Or you learn to better deal with permanent injuries. By often giving this space.

During this online day training we will discuss the fascia lines, meridians (Chinese medicine) and the use of fascia balls on the specific fascia lines. You will receive 2 facia balls at home for this training. You can also join with tennis balls if you want to join last minute.

This online training is interesting for people with chronic pain complaints, tension complaints, emotional blockages and anyone who wants to learn more about this. 

My dutch (online) yin & fascia course & day training was often followed by yoga teachers, breathworkers, massage therapists and acupuncturists who wanted to discover more about the power and addition of fascia balls in a yin practice. They use this in their studio or practice in addition to the lessons and treatments they already give. Super valuable. But also individuals who are not teachers can follow the training.


€97,- including:
√ 2 fascia balls to keep practicing at home
√ online day training with recording
√ handouts with sequences
√ self-practice to learn how to make sequences

Online via zoom

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Reviews from previous attendees 

Samantha – Dear Joyce, thank you for your great lessons during the Retreat weekend in Zeeland. I got some nice YinYoga lessons from you. My first experience with the massage / connective tissue balls. It was sometimes intense, but afterwards very relaxed and nice. Your music was beautiful and you have knowledge and convey it well. You have inspired me and I would recommend your classes to everyone! Love, Samantha

Samantha – De Reiki Coach

Kyra – I have experienced the workshop as very pleasant. First of all Joyce gives a clear explanation about the meridians and fascia lines. She also explains what fascia therapy can mean for you. Then you will practice with different yin postures in combination with. the fascia balls. Some poses you do first without the balls and then with so that you can really experience the difference. For each posture, it is explained which fascia lines and meridians you stimulate with this and which emotions are associated with this. You will receive a handout to take home so that you can easily continue to practice it at home.

I benefit a lot from the yin and fascia therapy, I noticed this after the first time. I have noticed that both physical and emotional blockages are being released. I suffer from chronic pain from adhesions. I am very happy that the intensity of my pain has decreased. Moreover, I experience more space in my body. I also notice that my body as a whole feels less stiff and tense. I feel that everything has started to flow better and my body has become more flexible. In other words, I highly recommend the workshop!

Marije Roozendaal – The workshop is really a valuable addition as a yoga teacher.
I use the fascia balls regularly during the practice and I am really impressed with the effect.

Irma – I have experienced the workshop and effect as very in-depth. The reaction in the body on the right and left can be felt very differently. The flow of chi is longer, more intense and continuously changing. A warm bath. Openness in the group. A nice way of explanation and interaction by Joyce. I grant this experience to every yin practitioner or teacher. I went home with a bag full of balls to use in my classes. 

Lauretta – What a great and educational workshop. As a breath coach, this is an extra tool that I can use to guide clients even better. Also very nice for myself during my own yoga exercises. Joyce’s feedback on the assignments is nice and constructive.



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