Breathwork & Crystal Soundhealing Workshop in Puy L’évêque


Date & time: 9 August 2022 from 8 – 10 PM in the evening
Location: Rue Costayral, La Belle Fleur, 46700 in Puy L’évêque, France

During the Breathwork & Crystal Soundhealing you will experience a journey inwards. The breath is our most intelligent healing tool. During the sessions I love to guide you towards your natural breathing rhythm. We also dive into feminine breathing exercises to create more space and relaxation in the pelvis.

I love the combination of breathwork and crystal soundhealing. The crystal bowls I use during the workshops are supportive in letting go and releasing. The soundhealing flows from 432 hz through the body. For the breath this can be a reset towards your own natural breathing rhythm. The vibrations of the crystal bowls will support you in letting go stagnated pain, emotions and bring you to a deeper level of consciousness. Some people experience a lot of lightness within themselves during soundhealing. The body can react during those workshop in ways that you never experienced before. Letting go of pain. Feeling muscles that were stagnated and experience deep relaxation. It’s a beautiful way to give yourself some time to relax and gather new energy.

You don’t need to bring anything. There are yogamats to lie down on, blankets etc.

Price of the workshop is €25,00

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