Yoni Egg Unakite with Palo Santo


A yoni egg will support the practice in connection with your womb. Unakite is a grounding stone and strengthens the mind and gives insight into the causes of problems. This allows you to easily break through limiting and blocking behavior and thinking patterns so that you can grow. Unakite is a grounding stone. Very useful in yoni healing practices. When you ground deeply within yourself. In the womb space, you will see that life will unfold for you in miraculous ways.

A yoni egg will strengthen your pelvic muscles. Softens the yoni on the inside. Releases trauma. And is also a great tool for self pleasure.

You can make a little ritual for yourself before starting your practice. Palo santo will support you to clear the space you are in and the energy around you. Light up some candles. And create some time for yourself.

Practices with a yoni egg can be done:
– in the bedroom
– during a shower session
– or a walk outside

In the beginning it is best to start no longer than 10 minutes with the yoni egg.

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